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Door Automations

Dosteen specializes in the supply installation, repair and maintenance of various types of automations such as swing doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, Road Barriers etc…

Swing Gate Mechanism: We supply and install various types of sliding mechanisms for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The electromechanically driven operators come in various types and could be used for swing gates up to 5Mtr in width and up to 1000Kg weight.

Sliding Gate Mechanism: These mechanisms are designed for sliding gates. Dosteen offers sliding gate operators with various capacities ranging from 300 Kg to 5000kg.

Road Barriers The electromechanical/ Hydraulic barriers basically controls vehicle access and are available in various arm sizes. Dosteen supplies and installs these barriers for residential, commercial buildings, Industrial complexes etc…
Light duty and heavy duty applications can be taken care of. These are available in 3Mtr, 4Mtr, 6Mtr, 8 Mtr and 10 Mtr sizes. All barriers are tested and proven for heavy duty continuous usage and can be connected to the BMS Systems if necessary.Various types of operations are available such as Remote control operation, proximity card, Key system, vehicle integrated systems etc…

Drop Arm Barriers Drop Arm Barriers are designed especially for entrances where there is a threat of suicide vehicle attack, or for the entrances that have high security requirements. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high security applications, hydraulic drop arm barriers are one of the best and most secure solutions. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, it is not possible for the vehicle to keep on moving forward anymore beyond the arm of the barrier. Dosteen supply and install Hydraulic Drop Arm Barriers which are designed for K12 standards, i.e. to stop vehicles with 80km/hr speed and 7500kg weight or more.

Various other models such as Manual barriers and Chain Barriers are available on request.

Parking space Bar Guard These are basically used in to reserve your parking space exclusively. Available in manual and Electrical operations with remote control. Suitable for big parking lots, commercial establishments etc..

Glass Door operators This operator can be adapted to the needs of each installation. It is prepared for heavy traffic, both in large (Supermarkets, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals) and in small and medium buildings (Offices, Chemists, restaurants, Points of Sale in general.) Its most important features are its silent movement when opening and closing, Dynamic stability and its quick and easy installation.

Our system control panel features the very latest in electronic control and safety systems. The system is certified according to the most demanding safety regulations and standards, including the EN.

The box cover and motor unit are separated in order to make the installation easier and therefore it can be installed by a single person.

Various types of operators are available adaptable to all types of profiles up to a width of 60mm,with options of battery powered panic breakout opening systems in the event of power failure and could be connected to a PC for centralized door control. Telescopic models suitable for small spaces while achieving the widest openings is also available. Dosteen also supplies electromechanical operators suitable for Swing pedestrian doors, which could be used to automate both pre-existing swing doors and the new ones.

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