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Parking Controls

Our latest parking management systems consists of the entry and exit barrier units, intelligent parking management system, Parking guidance system, License plate recognition system, and Automatic payment system All these systems are integrated through the software platform as supplied by the manufacturer

Parking Management Systems - The parking management system range consists of - Entry Terminal - Our systems consists of various types of entry terminals to the customer requirements. Entry access with Chip coin system, Bar Code system, and Card System.

Bar code system - This type of entry terminals support the barcode system and provide a fast and easy entrance control of a parking facility.

Chip coin system - These systems adopt chip coins as parking tickets and provide a fast and easy control of a parking facility

Card System - This system supports a programmed card system and issues these cards as tickets and provides a fast and easy control of a parking facility

All these systems are equipped with a mono color LCM text display and a multimedia speaker, this is surely user friendly. Upon detecting the vehicle at the entry terminal a voice message will prompt the driver to push a ticket bottom for a bar code ticket. The barcode printed on the ticket is encoded with ticket number, entry time, terminal ID and site ID. The gate will be opened upon the collection of barcode ticket by the driver. These systems works on standalone mode when the network disconnection has happened and stores all off line data's and transfers it to the central management system upon reconnection to the system.

Auto Pay stations - The auto pay systems support all the entry terminals and provide a convenient payment service in a parking facility. Once the entry ticket/ card or the chip is inserted in the supported slot, it calculates the fee and the required payment are displayed on the screen. Both bank notes and coins can be accepted and gives back the change if needed. Once the payment is completed, these entry tickets/cards/chips will be validated for exit at exit stations.

Exit Terminal - The exit terminal supports all type of entry models ie the barcode tickets, the IC Card, Bar code tickets etc… The exit terminal will prompt the drive to insert the ticket/ Chip or the card for exit verification. The terminal will open the barrier gate upon verification. In any case of a invalid ticket it will reject back out the same the driver is prompted to retrieve the ticket and make payment at the auto pay or casher station.

Cashier Station - The cashier station is a PC based POS computer in this system. It supports the Entry Tickets, Chips and cards and provides a manned payment service for the parking facility. This is also used for the central payment application. It reads the data encoded in the ticket, card or chip coin, calculates and displays the required amount of parking fee. Once the payment is completed the data is input in the ticket, card or Chip coin for exit validation at any exit terminal. Other models of cashier stations are available which are located at the exit points and once payment is validated the system will automatically open the barrier gate.

License plate recognition system - This system increases the level of the parking facility. This system could be integrated with the parking management system. This recognizes the number plate of the vehicles at the entrance and verifies the same again at the exit for higher security control of the parking facility.

Parking guidance System - With LED information panels to provide driving direction guidance which starts right from the entrance and a lamp indicator on top of every parking space for a clear visual of vacant status even from a distance, parking guidance systems helps parkers finds free space without driving around much. An optional floor space counting system can easily be integrated and installed

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